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Edward Scissors is a fully integrated producer of hair-cutting shears and other beauty instruments. Through this unique approach, Edward Scissors employs meticulous control over every aspect of it’s business including research, development, design, production, quality assurance and service. This is in sharp contrast to it’s competitors who “outsource key operations and simply put their label on hair-cutting shears and beauty instruments mass-produced by independent factories. Our one-of-a-kind operation yields shears of unrivaled quality and durability.

We have spent more than a decade developing and designing our shears specifically to help professional stylists. We truly understand the critical influence tools have on a stylist’s physical, mental and financial well-being. We are committed to creating the highest quality tools at affordable prices in order to meet the needs and budgets of hairdressers everywhere. The unsurpassed performance, longevity and serviceability of our tools make them an important and wise long-term investment in a stylist’s career.

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We are confident in the tools we make and we fully stand by it to ensure total customer satisfaction. When you purchase a pair of Edward Scissors you are covered by our lifetime warranty and 14 days money back guarantee.”