Fat Lady


Fat lady shears is the ultimate scissors for dry and wet slide cutting. The blades of the shears are designed with a complex curvature that maintains a precise angle at all points for ideal slide cutting.

  • Hand : Righty
  • Size : 6.0 Inch

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Out of stock



Most Technological

Advance Shears

Raw Material

We use the highest quality of steel that appropriately contains the correct amount of cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium. Each shears has its own unique function and our goal is to create the best shears for each purpose by choosing proper steel to begin with.


We provide a lifetime warranty and 14 days money back guarantee (even used ones) on shears purchased from us.

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Our craftsmen use age old techniques and combine them with modern ergonomic design to create the very best shears for today’s world of hairdressing. We produce the most perfect and sharpest cutting blades used for centuries just like Samurai swords.


Our shears are hardened by the special heat-treatment process called “sub-zero process”. Heated by the high temperature of 1000C+ degrees, then cooled quickly in the -100C degrees. Repeating this process makes the scissors extremely strong and hardly distort.














Handmade Shears

Impeccable quality and superb usability

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6 Inch

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